Henrik Jönsson

Henrik has a strong background in sales, sales management and Key Account Management.


The sales work has included everything from product and concept selling to sales of IHMs customized leadership and management training to companies and organizations. Henry has also been actively supporting clients in these programs.


He also has extensive experience as a consultant and business advisors, both nationally and internationally.


As a Senior business consultant he can tailor and customize development solutions for companies and organizations. The starting point is always the specific business challenges and the specific needs of each customer.


The solutions and suggestions are designed to develop and engage employees. Together with the client ensure what changes you want to achieve in the organization, how to get there from the current situation to the desired position and also have an amazing trip there.




+46 708 94 62 28

The different jobs range from one-off measures to building up academies for costumers, both nationally and internationally, at all levels in the organization.


Henrik was educated at Linnaeus University, Karlstad University, Mindset and IHM Business School (business administration, project management, leadership, sales, business administration, etc.).


How Henrik creates value and impact for the Organization.

He is very focused on devolvement, which means that he's always looking for better roads that leads to a better result. As a creative problem solver and a competitive person he always secures that goals are achieved. He engages and motivates your organization and live according to the valuation that alone you can run fast, but together we can run both faster and longer while we create amazing results.

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As consultants, we have a great deal of experience in operating positions and taking responsibility for change processes. Our focus is on the parts that are often postponed, such as implementation and anchoring in the business, where we focus the individuals on the organization. We take responsibility for making plans happen and achieving results.