Michael Sandin

Michael has for many years held various senior positions in Staffanstorps municipality and Region Skåne. He thus has a very broad experience in the public sector's diverse and often complex activities.

As the mayor of the Municipality of Staffanstorp, Michael has during 10 years had the responsibility to lead a public organization with approximately one thousand employees and annual turnover of one billion SEK. The municipality has during Michael's leadership conducted a comprehensive renewal, including a brand new budget and management process, competitive tendering of the bulk of municipal activities, and the development of a structured program of growth.

As a Deputy Governor, Michael worked with the restructuring of the Skåne healthcare sector with a clear focus on efficiency and cost reduction.

Michael has for over 20 years been running an accounting firm in Malmö. Thereby, he has extensive experience in assisting small and medium sized companies in diverse industries with advice both in terms of issues regarding accounting, finance and taxes, corporate management and organization. But even in starting, dismantling and restructuring of companies and groups as well as corporate divestments.

Michael also has extensive experience of board work in both the public-owned and private companies, as well as the boards of non-profit organizations and foundations.



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