Mats Lindberg


During his professional activities, Mats has acted as CIO and IT manager. He has bigexperience from IT within international organizations with a focus on business-driven benefit and management of IT, digitization and operational management of the IT function.Mats has experience from diverse industry areas such as medical technology, manufacturing, industrial conglomerates, process industry, travel and tourism as well as public operations.

He has had the operational responsibility to deliver changes, to achieve set goals and lead the organization through the changes. He has a pragmatic view of leadership and the organisation's management and governance.Mat's responsibilities have mainly included development and realization of the IT strategy in line with business structure and governance, as well as developing an approach to strategic suppliers in order to gain real operational benefit from the relationships. He has engaged the board as well as group and business area management in developing the vision for digitization and cultural changes for the use of IT. Mats has acted as a consultant and sounding board for company management for a second opinion or alternative.

Mats has been active in boards, IT councils and Advisory Boards. Mats was one of the founders and member of the Advisory Board of EuroCIO, a European network of IT leaders. He has been a valued mentor and coach in a number of programs.The theoretical basis includes, among other things a civil engineering degree from Lund University of Technology.


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