Paul Molin

Paul has a background in senior positions as sales manager and CEO of technology-oriented companies, with extensive experience in developing and implementing strategies. This has included turnarounds and consolidation in an international environment.

He has successfully implemented methods and tools for sales management and sales support as well as optimized and developed sales organizations.

Paul is originally an engineer in chemistry and also has training in sales, management and business strategy at EFL.

The career started with technical sales and development / establishment of new markets in the water treatment industry.

After that, Paul started as sales manager at Vattenteknik AB. During this time, sales developed very positively in Sweden and especially in Ukraine and Russia, but also in other markets in Eastern Europe.

In 2000, Paul took over as CEO of HOH Vattenteknik AB, responsible for consolidating production in the Danish parent company, and streamlining the Swedish operations into sales and service.

After that, Paul began as sales manager at Krüger Akvapur, which was part of the Veolia Group. The focus was on complex project sales where an innovative solution, new in the Swedish market, led to a contract of SEK 28 million to Carlsberg / Falkenberg as the largest business.


With new listed owners (BWT), Paul was asked to do a turnaround and consolidation in the company, which was done in 2005-2006, by shifting the focus of the sales organization towards EBIT from previous sales focus. Since then, the company has been profitable.

Paul has also been very active in various industry organizations. During the period 2007-2018 as a member of the Board of Directors of Varim (Water Treatment Industry Meeting Place) and 2016-2018 as Chairman of the same. During this period, much of the work has been devoted to lobbying and Paul has good experience of how to get added value from participating in Almedalen.


+46 734 66 50 50


Stortorget 17, 211 22 Malmö, Sweden

Stortorget 17, 211 22 Malmö




As consultants, we have a great deal of experience in operating positions and taking responsibility for change processes. Our focus is on the parts that are often postponed, such as implementation and anchoring in the business, where we focus the individuals on the organization. We take responsibility for making plans happen and achieving results.

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