Rickard Hagtorn


Rickard has for more than 30 years developed corporate organizations and employees. He has run a CEO network and with three strong values, he drives change, business development and leadership with clear deliverables defined by business calculations in close collaboration with the client.

He basically has a degree in International Economics. Like most people in BizDevNet, he is part of the Euro-Academy with the development of leaders for a better world. Where you coach in a sustainable way with Dynamic Leadership. Rickard is also the author of books and articles on sales and leadership. More recently with a focus on the construction sector, where change work and leadership development create great results. He works with his customers based on some leading values.

All people can, want and should develop and have their own responsibility for their own development, and they can and want to help others to develop. Leaders, supports the development of individuals, groups and organizations, and adapts their leadership to people and situations but is consistent, works for sustainability, shows a moral example in thought and action and creates meaning and motivation. Business development, includes entire organizations, all affected. It creates sustainable collaboration between people, organization and society and this in turn creates meaning and motivation and provides genuine dialogues without lies and enables everyone to contribute sustainably based on their own abilities. You create value through both internal and external efficiency. It should be pleasurable and profitable.

Rickard's absolute feeling, which is shared by the speakers, is that they have succeeded very well in creating, implementing and in fact also realizing the changes they have driven together for several years, with profitable results.



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