Robert LIndberg


Robert has for 30 years worked with social networking in elite and sponsorship activities. For the past five years, he has developed his work where he has worked professionally daily with LinkedIn as his main tool. He is now beginning to approach the magical 10,000 hours required to become really good at communicating and networking.

During the journey, he has built several brands and taken a position in the construction and real estate industry with a personal business network of about 16,000 contacts in these areas. With over 15 million views in recent years, he has helped make a world launch and created a visibility in the Nordic construction industry. A unique journey in brand and product launch with results that few others have managed to achieve.

Now he wants to be involved and contribute with deep knowledge and experience to the businesses that see the benefit of communicating strategically with their target groups. With passion and heart, he wants to find the best solutions to achieve measurable impact goals and create results for customers. August 2017 was a serious start for him when he, as digital marketing manager at Hulta Golf Club and newly graduated Content Marketing Manager from IHM, needed to connect with more companies and create customer activities that led to more advertising / sponsorship revenue.

Like many others, he had created a personal profile on LinkedIn a couple of years earlier and built a relational contact network of a couple of hundred people, but was basically a complete novice on the global and growing platform. What should you do and above all why? With strategic communication, he wants to be involved in spreading corporate messages to create profitable business. It will become increasingly important in the future to be able to convey their values ​​and expertise in the noise of all the information that flows in various media. Robert has by now trained lots of new strategic users of LinkedIn.

The most successful and profitable organizations always have a professional communication strategy that includes a well-thought-out plan for how to use modern social media to create business. These are the companies that will survive in the future, says Robert.


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