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We offer business development services to companies and organizations.

Offer includes advice within:

  • Goal picture, purpose and values                                
  • Business Plan                                                                   
  • Organizational structure                                               
  • Leadership                                                                             
  • Expansion                                                                          
  • Acquisitions and alliances                                                   
  • Fund raising




Strategies for sustainable growth are achieved by jointly developing and implementing strategies and methods for ongoing follow-up with the organization.

A growth strategy begins with a survey of market and market needs. Most of the information needed is normally found in the organization itself, spread over various functions. One of the most important questions to ask when developing a winning strategy is - what makes us and our company unique. This can be created through a unique product, but more often by combining product with expertise, service, technology and more. It is also important to understand the organisation's capacity and possible shortcomings of a chosen strategy. By capacity is meant the capacity and competence of the organization.

For many domestic companies, it can be a big and difficult step to grow by expanding their marketplace and venturing into sometimes completely unknown geographical markets. The work requires a lot of time and a wide network of contacts. There are many times risks that lead to abandonment at an early stage. Language barriers can be another problem that stops plans.

At BizDevNet we have experience of working with internationalization. We have expanded international networks in a variety of markets. We know how to prepare for internationalization to avoid the pitfalls. Local barriers to trade exist, which requires that one investigate what these are and influence the expansion plans.

For a strategy to be successful, an organization that understands, accepts and is passionate about the company's goals, objectives and values. It is important to involve the entire organization at an early stage. Achieving their goals requires a well-established and well-established business plan. The business plan is then the basis for a well-formulated business concept, which conveys why we are unique. The plan is broken down into clear and measurable goals for each unit and individual, which requires the organization's participation. Target follow-up systems must be in place. To succeed, the entire organization needs to gather around strong and clear values.