Christian Jönsson


Christian has a long and broad experience of leading, building and transforming businesses on an international basis. He has sponsored and led a number of major change projects, including major outsourcing (finance, HR and IT), a global build-up of shared services for finance and IT, and digital transformation of factories. He has experience from various industries - consumer products, packaging industry, heavy manufacturing, research-intensive operations and process manufacturing, and has held roles such as CIO and Vice President IT, Senior Vice President Global Business Services and Vice President Strategy, IT & Processes. In his assignments, Christian has been responsible for, and negotiated, a number of major international contracts with suppliers such as IBM, Oracle, IFS, Global One and NTT.

Christian is also used to arranging and delivering workshops and presentations, both internally and externally. Companies that Christian has worked for are Oriflame, Cetes Cosmetics, Trelleborg, Åkerlund & Rausing and Sandoz (Hilleshög). In recent years, Christian has worked as a management consultant based in Switzerland and now, after 25 years in various foreign investments, he is back in Sweden and BizDevNet Consulting.

Christian holds an MBA from Rushmore University with a focus on strategy and leadership, and is also a Certified Outsourcing Professional (from IAOP) and Digital Business Transformation (from CXO Transform). He is also a recently certified board member from the Board Academy.

Christian is also a dedicated mind mapper and productivity prophet with a great interest in personal development and value creation.


+46 761 12 07 47